Colour Idea Store

The Colour Ideas Store is an innovative idea which changes the way a customer chooses and buys paint. This very important process is often overlooked by dealers and customers alike- it shouldn't be so- the customer should be fully involved for the best results. The store, provides an interactive, magical environment for you to browse through our vast collection of painted panels of special effects, new finishes, and colours of the latest trend. We allow you to make your dream colours come true with our Colour Visualizer and offer services by our specialist consultants to help you with it. The store also gives as a great opportunity for architects, interior designers and contractors to visit along with their clients to experience and make decisions together. Home decorating is often seen as a complicated task. This store aides in simplifying the painting process for the customer and helps them in choosing the colours, finishes, and style for the home which suits the ideas and preferences of the individuals.